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Congratulations to Alice Munro

Click on the image for the story on Alice Munro winning the Nobel Prize for Literature...

Click on the image for the story on Alice Munro winning the Nobel Prize for Literature...

2014 Scotiabank Giller Prize

us conductors

“DZEEEEOOOoo! Just as hard as it is to make a theremin sing so it is hard to pull off a novel like this. But Sean Michaels does it. Us Conductors bridges body and soul, science and art, and like theremin music, it’s of this world and magical at the same time.”
—Ismet Prcic, author of Shards

Blue Heron books pic The unpretentious atmosphere of Blue Heron Books with its comfy chairs, wood shelving and creaky floors lends itself to a long slow, browsing session, but under that sleepy atmosphere vibrates a strong pulse. The store has a quaint, old-fashioned look with an up tempo vibe, because there is always something happening. The store is a hub for the community and a bastion of calm chaos where everyone is welcome, even the local dogs that drop by with their owners for a treat from the tin kept under the front counter. 62 Brock St. W., Uxbridge, Ontario. 905-852-4282

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Each member of the Blue Heron team possesses a unique set of skills. Our wide range of literary interests and exceptional event planning make Blue Heron Books the heart of Uxbridge’s book loving community.

Shelley Macbeth

Involved with the store since 1992, has been at the helm since 2005. Knows her books, her authors, and her customers; amazing things happen when they all come together at one of the multitude of events the store hosts throughout the year. Pick a genre and you’ll get a solid recommendation. In the publishing world she has been called a book promotion machine.

Joy Coxworth

Bookkeeper extraordinaire and general organizational goddess for the past two years. When not tallying columns in the back Joy enjoys first-rate crime stories, anything to do with horses, pop culture, music and good food porn (a.k.a. cookbooks). Resident egg lady and beekeeper!

Sue Saunderson

Nothing stops Sue — not ankle surgery, not a broken wrist. She is determined with an ‘I’ll do it’ attitude that is to be envied. She is Blue Heron’s almighty ladyship of school books for all things school related.  She has been know to sort books into the wee hours of the night when a calm quiet descends upon the usually busy store.  Sue is happiest at her cottage where this little Energizer Bunny recharges the batteries that power her million dollar smile.

Shelagh Damus

Writer-in-residence, web-mistress and procurer of press releases, newsletters and publicity. She loves non-fiction that reads like fiction and the voyeuristic nature of biographies.


Kristen Thornton

Kristen has traded her former jet-setting lifestyle as a  corporate toy and book buyer for the slightly less glamorous life of a full time mom to 2 young kids. Kristen loves Irish novels, Pinterest and a good DIY project. As Blue Heron Studio manager, Kristen brings a wealth of creativity and organization to the Studio as it enters its second year and will likely find there is no end to DIY projects for her to tackle in the Studio.

 Sinclair Minshull


Catie Futhy


Maggie Finlayson

The greatest employee of all time, according to Shelley. She enjoys all things teen fiction, cookbooks and long walks on the beach. She’s also probably the most beautiful member of the Blue Heron Books. Away at University most of the time, Maggie will find her way back and behind the counter occasionally.

Laurel Crichton-Mailey

A grade 11 student at Uxbridge Secondary School, Laurel is an extra curricular activity aficionado with interests as diverse as rugby and dance. As comfortable on the stage performing musical theatre as she is curled up with a good read, Laurel has proven adept at thinking on her feet and brings with her a depth of reading knowledge.  Hunger Games and the Clockwork Angel are two series that have captured Laurel’s interest of late. Laurel loves working with the other Blue Heron Books employees where work and fun always seem to go hand in hand. Laurel enjoys the opportunities she has had to meet authors and hear about their books and their journeys.


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  • m.hodgson says:

    congratulations on being recognized as one of the top 10 book stores in Canada. Hard work does pay off.

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Thurs. Sept. 24th, 7:30pm Uxbridge Music Hall Books and Authors Night with Paula McLain, Elizabeth Hay & Andre Alexis

Sun. Oct. 4th, 11am Wooden Sticks Golf Club Books and Brunch with Lawrence Hill

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Tues. Oct 20th, 7pm, Wooden Sticks Golf Club, Books with Wine and Cheese and Patrick deWitt

Thurs. Nov. 19th, 7pm, Wooden Sticks Golf Club, Across Canada by Story with Douglas Gibson and Terry Fallis

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