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Congratulations to Alice Munro

Click on the image for the story on Alice Munro winning the Nobel Prize for Literature...

Click on the image for the story on Alice Munro winning the Nobel Prize for Literature...

2014 Scotiabank Giller Prize

us conductors

“DZEEEEOOOoo! Just as hard as it is to make a theremin sing so it is hard to pull off a novel like this. But Sean Michaels does it. Us Conductors bridges body and soul, science and art, and like theremin music, it’s of this world and magical at the same time.”
—Ismet Prcic, author of Shards

Blue Heron books pic The unpretentious atmosphere of Blue Heron Books with its comfy chairs, wood shelving and creaky floors lends itself to a long slow, browsing session, but under that sleepy atmosphere vibrates a strong pulse. The store has a quaint, old-fashioned look with an up tempo vibe, because there is always something happening. The store is a hub for the community and a bastion of calm chaos where everyone is welcome, even the local dogs that drop by with their owners for a treat from the tin kept under the front counter. 62 Brock St. W., Uxbridge, Ontario. 905-852-4282

CBA LIBRIS BOOKSELLER OF THE YEAR - 2012 and 2014 Click here for more information...

Series of Fortunate (literary) Events 2015 Passport Click here for more information...

Day out with Thomas the Tank Engine Click here for more information.

Inspiration Station - Art Club for Kids Click here for more information.

The Blue Heron is a one-of-a-kind bookstore where you are welcomed in by brilliant, warm-hearted, knowledgeable staff. You’ll leave with the exact book your mind and spirit seeks and return again and again. — Sheree Fitch


Blue Heron Studio hosts Pat Schneider’s Ontario Launch -

Julia Cameron calls Pat Schneider “A fuse lighter,” and Peter Elbow says she is “the wisest teacher of writing I know”.

“When I begin to write, I open myself and wait. And when I turn toward an inner spiritual awareness, I open myself and wait.” With that insight, Pat Schneider invites readers to contemplate their lives and deepest questions through writing. How the Light Gets In gracefully encourages readers to consider writing as a spiritual practice.

Schneider’s new book is designed for the seeker, the pilgrim, and the writer, no matter from what spiritual tradition or level of expertise in writing. From an opening chapter that begins with Einstein’s statement, “There is a Spirit,” through seventeen chapters on subjects such as “Tradition in Writing,” “Tradition in Religion,” “Changing the World,” “The Body,” and “Joy,” the book is an example of using writing as a spiritual practice for purposes of courage and discover in relation to one’s deepest questions about spirit and about the art and practice of writing.

On the evening of October 25th, Pat Schneider will be in Uxbridge to read from and talk about her new book, released at last after nine years of pondering and writing.

Advance Praise for How the Light Gets In:

“Pat Schneider is one of America’s premier writing instructors. Her genius lies as much in her tenacity as in her talent, and in a wild incredible belief that there is a force in the universe, a ‘light’ if you will, that we—’cracked’ though we may be—can emit if we work hard enough. How the Light Gets In effortlessly shows us how to do that often difficult work. If there is one book on writing or writers you can read this year, I emphatically recommend this one.” —Sapphire, author of Push (which was made into the movie “Precious”) and The Kid

How the Light Gets In is a moving blend of memoir and reflections on creative writing through the lens of spiritual practice that leaves the reader comforted and challenged. This is an instructive, marvelous read.” —Emilie M. Townes, Andrew W. Mellon Professor of African American Religion and Theology, Yale Divinity School

“[How the Light Gets In] will have wide appeal to both amateur and seasoned writers and spiritual seekers whether or not tied to any tradition. The book is also useful as a tool for growth through reflection and writing. Highly recommended.” —Library Journal

A renowned teacher of writing, Pat Schneider is the author of ten works of poetry and nonfiction, including Writing Alone and With Others. Founder of Amherst Writers & Artists, she travels frequently to teach and has been leading workshops in creative writing for almost thirty years.

Garrison Keillor has read her poems sixteen times on “Writers Almanac.”

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Payment for “A Taste of Ink” Classes

Use this button to register for the set of all six classes, or register for your individual class choices below.
$180 plus HST for the genre buffet – all six different writing classes.

January 9 – Sue Reynolds – Mamba with Memoir

Learn how to tell the stories inspired by your life

$40.00 plus HST for individual “Mamba with Memoir” class

January 16 – Sue Reynolds – Writing to Heal

Writing that promotes health and healing

$40.00 plus HST for individual “Writing to Heal” class

January 23 – James Dewar – Rhyme is No Crime

Rhyme is making a comeback in poetry – brush up on your skills

$40.00 plus HST for individual “Rhyme is no Crime” class

January 30 – James Dewar – Have You Heard Spoken Word?

Secrets of slam poetry, today’s most popular poetry form

$40.00 plus HST for individual “Secrets of Slam Poetry” class

February 6 – Dorothea Helms – Turning the Box Upside-Down

Mine counterintuitive ideas that can catch the eye of nonfiction editors

$40.00 plus HST for individual “Turning the Box Upside-Down” class


February 13 – Dorothea Helms – Putting the “fiction” in Nonfiction

Learn to use fiction techniques to invigorate your magazine and newspaper stories

$40.00 plus HST for individual “Putting the “Fiction” in Nonfiction” class


PayPal page for Blue Heron Summer Programs

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Ted Staunton’s Fractured Fairy Tales Summer Camp:

Course Fee: $160 + 20.80 HST (+$15 material fee)

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Diana Lopez-Soto’s Puppetmania Summer Camp:

Course Fee: $160 + 20.80 HST

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Find Your Funny Comedy Camp:

Course Fee: $160 + 20.80 HST

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Computer Game Camp:

Course Fee: $160 + 20.80 HST

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Update on web down

Our apologies – our server recently crashed. We lost all the website. We are working on restoring it. In the meantime, our online order service is working perfectly once again, so feel free to order your books through Blue Heron as usual.

And stand by for our archives to be restored!

Three Sue’s and a Camilla! The Perfect Mother’s Day gift

Join us on the evening of Monday May 9th for our triple header literary event featuring Camilla Gibb author of Sweetness in the Belly and editor of The Penguin Book of Memoir, an anthology of contemporary Canadian memoir, featuring excerpts from some of the country’s most respected writers including Wayson Choy, Michael Ondaatje, and Wayne Johnson. Camilla will be joined by new author, Suzanne Desrochers whose novel The Bride of New France Joseph Boyden says “is a gorgeous historical debut , in no small part because Suzanne Desrochers’s superb imagination brings this period of Canada’s story to vivid, vivid life.” and by award winning and Blue Heron favourite Susanna Kearsley in conversation with Sue Reynolds, Past-President of Writers’ Community of Durham Region.

What could be better than a beautiful spring evening, doors open, wine and cheese for the palate and literature for the soul. Bring your mom, your grandma, your daughter, your aunt, your sister and/or your girlfriends. A perfect gift for your MOM for Mother’s Day — a ticket and a book.

Wyndance Golf Club – 7:00 p.m.

Sarita Mandanna

Others are figuring out what we already knew — Sarita Mandanna’s Tiger Hills is going to be big! Check out this article from the Toronto Star on the rising literary star. For those who managed to get tickets to our Experience India event with Sarita it will serve as an excellent appetizer. Both nights are now sold out!

All-kicking, All-punching Book Reading

Meet visiting U.K. author Chris Bradford and learn what it takes to become a young samurai at the Samurai School and witness an authentic samurai sword display on Sunday, April 17th, 1:30pm at Okami Kai Dojo, 141 Reach Street (inside Body Fit).

Chris Bradford has earned his black belt in Tai-jutsu, the secret fighting art of the ninja. He has also trained in judo, karate, kickboxing and samurai swordmanship.

In Chris Bradford’s novel Young Samurai: The Ring of Water, the Samurai are taking sides and, as the blood begins to flow, Jack’s warrior training is put to the ultimate test. His survival-and that of his friends -depends upon him mastering the Two Heavens, the secret sword technique of the legendary samurai Masamoto Takeshi. But first Jack must recover his father’s prize possession from the deadly ninja Dragon Eye.

Book is suitable for ages 10+. Event is for everyone. Event is FREE, but please pre-register by calling the store.

CBC-TV Personality coming to Uxbridge – Gillian Deacon

Whether it is making dinner, washing dishes, cleaning the kitchen, removing stains, unclogging the toilet, buying a car, going shopping, taking a shower or HOW TO HAVE SEX….Gillian Deacon has a Eco friendly way to tackle the project.

Join us for a joint event with neighbour Elemi featuring CBC TV personality Gillian Deacon as she discusses her latest book, There is Lead in your Lipstick and go home with a Friggin’ Lip Balm and a copy of Gillian Deacon’s Green for Life.

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Upcoming Events…

Thurs. Sept. 24th, 7:30pm Uxbridge Music Hall Books and Authors Night with Paula McLain, Elizabeth Hay & Andre Alexis

Sun. Oct. 4th, 11am Wooden Sticks Golf Club Books and Brunch with Lawrence Hill

Mon. Oct. 19th,, 7pm, Wooden Sticks Golf Club, Books with Wine and Cheese and Shilpi Somaya Gowda

Tues. Oct 20th, 7pm, Wooden Sticks Golf Club, Books with Wine and Cheese and Patrick deWitt

Thurs. Nov. 19th, 7pm, Wooden Sticks Golf Club, Across Canada by Story with Douglas Gibson and Terry Fallis

Ted Barris on TV

great escapePeter Mansbridge goes One on One with Ted Barris. Check out the interview here.

September Book Club


Book Club Favourite…

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