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62 Brock Street West
Uxbridge, Ontario L9P 1N1
Phone:  905-852-4282
Fax:  905-852-6522

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Shelley Macbeth – Store Owner


Rebecca Haslam – Store Manager


Joy Coxworth – Accounts


Shelagh Damus – Publicity, bookseller


Sue Saunderson – Bookseller:  speciality in children’s books


Scarlett Minshull – Student bookseller

Nate Cross – Student bookseller

Consignment Policy

Blue Heron Books is happy to support the creative efforts of our self-publishing friends. Because our store is small and our profit margins modest, we can support self-published and small name publishers’ books on a consignment basis only. Click here to read the terms of our consignment agreement. Thanks for your understanding.

NOTE: The most successful self-published books are those that are promoted strongly by their authors. Use social media and other networking methods to get the word out about your books!


Proudly twinned with

In 2009 Jane Streeter walked into Blue Heron Books; she was on a family holiday in Canada.  Jane was visiting from Nottingham, UK where she owns an indie bookshop, The Bookcase.  The more we chatted, the more we discovered our similarities and so decided to ‘twin’ our stores, sharing info, trends and signed books!

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