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The Blue Heron Studio is an open and welcoming creative learning space for those interested in exploring the interaction between imagination and artistic expression. The studio is home to courses in writing, art, music, movement, culinary, photography, wellness (not to mention parenting, gardening, Parelli natural horsemanship, etc).  Call the store to sign up (905) 852-4282.

PLEASE NOTE:  Your spot in one of our fabulous classes is not reserved UNTIL we have received payment. Please call the store to secure your place. A $25 administration fee will be charged for any course cancellation less than 48 hours prior to the commencement of a class.


Fall 2017 Class Schedule
Writing Classes:

Recovering Creativity, Reclaiming Yourself

6 weeks of writing and other explorations to bring spontaneity, joy and self-love back into your life
Creativity is at the core of human existence. Your creative force comes out in a myriad of ways, from expressing yourself through your job, or through your home and personal style, to making objects for usefulness and simply for their beauty or expressiveness.
When we are living creatively, we feel most alive, most in touch with our sense of self and self-worth.  We know ourselves and appreciate our own value.
When we are shut off from our creativity, we feel more and more alienated from ourselves. In losing creativity, we lose connection with what is closest to our true identity.  This alienation can come about when our expressiveness is criticized and judged harshly;  it can also evolve from living too much at the whim of other demands in our lives – our jobs, our families, our volunteer commitments. 
If you’re feeling overwhelmed, if you’re living too much for others’ needs and at the whim of others’ judgements, creativity is often the first thing that gets sacrificed.
In this six week course, through writing, collaging and other reflective and expressive techniques, we will reconnect with our Selves, with our creativity and our joy and begin to reclaim our own lives.

Time:   9:00 – 11:30 a.m.
Dates:  Thursday mornings, September 21 to October 26
Place:  Blue Heron Studio, behind Blue Heron Bookstore, 66 Brock Street, Uxbridge ON
Cost: $180 plus HST


Art Classes:

Inspiration Station

A once-a-week artistic adventure to capture the hearts & minds of kids.
Every week is a different technique.

Time:   9:30 – 10:30 a.m.
Dates:  Saturday mornings, September 23 to November 18
(no class Thanksgiving weekend - October 7)

Place:  Blue Heron Studio, behind Blue Heron Bookstore, 66 Brock Street, Uxbridge ON
Ages: 6-12
Cost: $115 plus HST for all 8 classes
$100 plus HST for 6 classes



Discovering adventure and friendships through books.
Please sign-up in store or over the phone.

Time:   10:30 – 11:00 a.m.
Dates:  Tuesday mornings, starting September 26
Place:  Blue Heron Books
Ages: 2-5
Cost: FREE